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Take a walk to Αρχελάου Street and thank me later....

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Archelaou Street is one of my favourite ones. Not only because it is a stone's throw to my house, but because it is full of exciting, pleasant people, fancy cafe, great restaurants, atmospheric bars, concept stores and other places where anyone can enjoy themselves and spend their time peacefully.

In this post, I will briefly present you my favourite spots of Archelaou, I will share my experience of visiting them and provide you with the proper amount of information, not only because I do not like chattering but because as you all know, less is more..

  • Ohh Boy

Ohh Boy is famous for many things. What makes it so famous to everyone though, I believe is their hospitality , their atmosphere, their location and of course.... their homemade sweets. I should also highlight that many of the pastes and sweets they make, are vegan, which means that they use soft ingredients like almond or soy milk, they avoid eggs in their pastries and try to use the most suitable materials for the most pleasant, healthy and tasteful experience possible for everyone. As far as their sweets are concerned, i strongly recommend their Carrot Cake, their Tiramisu, their Vegan Oat Bars and their Pistachio tart. I should also clarify that they are 100% pet friendly.

I strongly recommend Ohh Boy for everyone near Archelaou ( Pagkrati ), at any hour of the day. After all, Ohh Boy is not only famous for their pastries, but for the variety of their menu when it comes for your breakfast. From scramble eggs, quessadillas sandwiches, salads, quinoa, vegan burgers and tortillas to delicious Acai Bowls and fluffy Cinnamon Rolls.

As far as their sweets are concerned....Ohh Boyyyy.....

  • The Market

Exactly next to Ohh Boy, you will notice a small and cute Delicatessen, with white theme, called The Market. Do not hesitate to enter because of its small size, the amount of products they have, will leave you speechless.

In The Market you will find products like Corn Chips, Colourful sweet Pop Corn, Soy and Chilli sauces, spices, fruits, cereal and delicious biscuits in their drawers.

In their Fridge though, you will find rare cheeses (soft and tough), salmon and many cold cuts and Lactose -Free yogurts.

I should also mention their ridiculously huge variety of milks, including Rice, Soy and Pea milk boxes.

They also attain a large variety of aesthetic and stylish Chilly's Bottles that sustain your cold water for 24hours and for 12hours you want to keep it in a really boiling temperature.

They also include several tea and herbs.

I should also state that almost every granola cereal, biscuit, milk and tea that you will taste in Ohh Boy, you will find it there.

The family of The Market is very pleasant and polite. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for Panagiotis or Konstantina for your best service and experience possible in their cute and welcoming delicatessen.

  • Maraboo

A few steps away, across Ohh Boy and The Market, on your right hand when going up the street, you will notice a small, cute and pleasant ice cream place. It's called Maraboo and it is aweeesome.

It is fascinating for its variety of ice cream flavors, some are classic and "mainstream", like Madagascar Vanilla or Salted Caramel, some others not.

For example:

Have you tasted Flower Milk ever before?

Not in a milk box...

In an ice cream cone!!

If yes, good for you!!!!

If not, give it a chance!!! You will remember me!!!!

Personally, I have not tasted it before and ever since i had, i always take it when I am near them.

They also have banana, almond and coconut exotic flavours along with a variety of sorbet ice cream flavours like melon, mango, peach, lime, cherry and chocolate, red grape, rasberry and many others.

Give it a try!!!!

  • Hallelujah

- Enough from food, what about our shopping therapy???

- Do not worry, you will find what you need, exactly next to the Market, which is exactly next to Ohh Boy... blah blah blah... Pfff I got sick describing each store in comparison to Ohh Boy. I am not lying though.... They are all next to each other. It is like a chain where the one place completes the other...

Anyway... Yes

There is something for us, shopping addicts:)

- Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Easy to remember, right??? Searching for the ideal atmospheric concept store, until you eventually found it. Think of it like that...

Hallelujah is a small in size but large in variety concept store, mainly addressed to women but contains accessories and t - shirts that are for men too. The owner is pleasant and very helpful , their materials are unique and stylish and the prices are not expensive.

Pay a visit to it if you are a fan of style and fashion.

It is also a very good idea for a gift. You can buy something very stylish , "trendy" and unique to your friend or relative, with 20 euros. I have personally found handmade tiaras and stylish bags with very suitable prices.

  • Small 8

A few steps away from Hallelujah and more near the Maraboo Ice cream Store, there is an atmospheric, low - lighted bar, called Small 8.

Small 8's menu consists of many exotic and tasteful cocktails that are just suitable for the environment that the bar offers. The atmosphere is great, people are mainly young, prices are good.

It is a nice place for an afternoon cocktail with a friend, a great place to bring a date and it is a bar that you can suggest your friends in order to excite them.

Bottoms Up !