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Riviera Shoes: Wear them with passion!

Whether you are familiar or not, it is always a good idea to talk about Riviera.

In case you are not familiar, Riviera shoes or, “Rivieras”, as many of their audience knows them, are the timeless casual and fancy shoes for men, women and shoes.

They belong to the family of slip – on , everyday shoes, that offer comfort and clear step.

Some people identify them as their comfy and sophisticated summer moccasins, that Alain Delon and Marlon Brando would wear, on their midnight summer city walks or appearances on the red carpet of Cannes.

They give you the idea of starring in one of Marlon Brando’s famous Crime movies, like Godfather, or in one of my favourite Brando’s Dramas “A streetcar named desire”, looking great, while also very elegant and attractive to women.

Some others imagine themselves, starring in the famous Alain Delon’s thrillers, while wearing the Rivieras, or charming the beautiful and cultured Romy Schneider, in one of his erotic police dramas, the Pool (1969).

The Rivieras, still remain a very modern and “trendy” pair moccasins, suitable for every occasion. From your everyday walk to the park or your way into work, to a more formal meeting with people, significant life events like weddings or a pleasant afternoon drink with a special friend or relative.

We also saw Leonardo Di Caprio, a representative of the younger generation and Generation Z, wearing them in his daily city walks, to the loud alleys of NYC, while shopping.

It is a fact that Di Caprio is a really big fan of shoes, while he “accused” of having a “monogamous relationship”, with his shoes and only.

I believe they are perfect for a gift to a special friend, to a beloved relative or children, while the Rivieras come in many designs, many sizes and are made for men, women and children.

You could buy them for example, as a gift to a children’s baptism Ceremony!!

The Rivieras come in a large variety of colours, offering their audience a wide range of choices to decide the ideal, fancy and sophisticated pair of shoes that suits them best.

- History of Revieras 101 -

The modernised Reviera brand, appeared in 2009. However, its "father", the man who imagined the loafers, was born in the 50s and was popular, because of his reputation as a manufacturer of men moccasins.

Although, his company closed and the Revieras reemerged in the 2000s, with a whole new, modernised perspective and ideas.

After all, the full name of the popular footwear label, sounds very classy and promising: Rivieras Leisure Shoes. The manufactory is known for its modern loafers, designed for every day, with emphasis on customers’ comfort and flexibility.

The relaxed style of the Rivieras shoes is so special, because of its ergonomic materials, fabrics and range of colours, that usually vary, depending on the season. For example, summer season tends to "ask for" more light and open colours.

It is true that the Riviera manufactory does not produce classic and conservative shoes, but aims at a more informal and casual shoe. You will notice that their shoes look like summer loafers or slippers.

Its is also true that they do not use the everyday, standard, material that other manufacturers use.

If you take a look at their materials and fabrics, you will notice that :

For Upper Part : Durable Cotton, Vinyl , Raffia

For the Sole: Rubber and Leather Insole

Fun Fact: Rivieras is a French brand, but is produced in Spain.

Its French origins though, like the iconic, elegant and sleek designs, cannot be hidden.

- Founders -

The former marketing executive Corveddu, created the brand with his creative cousin Dan Amzallag, who got inspired by the famous moccasin shoe worn, from Spain, born in the 50s, that i have mentioned above.

I strongly recommend the Riviera Loafers for everyone who is a fan of style and elegance, suitable for men, women and children and comfortable enough to wear it daily, go to work or walks and look good!!!

Tip: I suggest you wear it without sock!!!

Below is my pair of Rivieras and this is how i wear it !!

Buy yours and wear it with your unique style!!

The shoes usually come with a wonderful Riviera Tote Bag !!!!

Here's mine!!!



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