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My Favourite Chardonnay has a story to tell....

19 Crimes - Hard Chard Chardonnay

The story about 19 Crimes is unique. Back in 1788, British convicts, guilty for at least one of the 19 Crimes , were sentenced to live to Australia, rather that death. Through their journey, many of them died at sea. It is evident that the 20% of the people travelling, were women. Those who made it into the land, worked into very tough conditions of labor, in order to save their life.

As a result, the 19 Crimes series, were made in honour of those who made it into Australia and built a new life and culture.

The Hard Chard Chardonnay is in honour of those women who made it into Australia and accomplished to built a whole new Culture of their own. This Chardonnay is for them....

The 19 Crimes Chardonnay, strong in character, consists of stone fruit aromas, like oak, while it is famous for its sweet palate of vanilla and caramel, accompanied with a slight taste of honey and several spices. I consider this as a sweet, soft, golden flavoured Chardonnay, suitable for every fan of great taste and aromas. I believe it can be consumed both alone and with food.

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