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A talk with the artist Milena Dimitrokallis, in the context of the ART ATHINA Expo, in Athens!!!!




Do you know about the 25th ART ATHINA International Art Fair of 2022, in Zappeion Mansion?

If not, look out for it… if - of course - you are interested in Art.

ART ATHINA Expo has been established in 1993, and ever since, it has been taking place every year. It has been “voted” as one of the oldest international exhibitions of contemporary art.

This year, the future-proof biennale of Athens takes place in the beautiful, modernised Zappeion Mansion, in the “heart” of Athens, for a 4-day weekend, from Friday the 16th to Monday the 19th.

The gates open at 12:00 P.M and close at 21:00 P.M, which means that you have the whole day to visit. As you will notice in the title, the Art Fair of 2022, hosts 1.100 works of arts (portraits, sculptures, furniture), 70 galleries and 400 artists.

You will need at least 4 hours to see them all and “deep dive” to them.

In the Mansion's central square, where the fountain is and between the works of art, there is a spacious garden, filled with cement stools and chairs, where you can sit and enjoy you coffee or fresh lemonade, that you can pick from the garden’s bar. The atmosphere is very relaxing. You will see people sitting in the cement boxes, in the ground or wherever they suit themselves, resting for a while, in order to continue their “journey” into the Art world of this year’s International Art Fair.

I have to admit, there was a wonderful experience. I believe that if you are a fan of art, you will agree with me!

There were many nice works of arts. Many of them fascinated me, other triggered me, while others did not catch my attention. What did not fascinated me though, may trigger someone else, while what inspired me may seem boring to someone else. That is the beauty of art and especially contemporary art. It is multi-dimensional.

In the exhibition, there were many Galleries that hosted many individual works of arts, because very often, many artists could not promote their art by themselves. As a result, famous Galleries undertake their art and highlight them to such events.

Apart from the Galleries, there were many artists who were hosted by the ART ATHINA 25th exhibition, in order to bring their art into the "light" and present it to the public.

You would see them standing proudly near their paintings, sculptures or other forms of art and be there for every need you have, regarding their art, their meaning or price.

This is because you have the possibility to buy their works of art immediately from there, if you get really captivated or aroused by it.

Milena Dimitrokallis

One of those artists, is Milena Dimitrokallis. In case you are not familiar, Ms. Dimitrokallis is a visual artist, based in Athens. Personally, I find Milena’s works unique and similar in context with each other, while I believe that the resemblance with one another becomes evident from the symmetry and “set of rules” that persist in each one of them.

Those two elements, I believe, are because of the fact that Milena has a Degree in Business and Management too, which indicates that she has a structured and organised way of working.

She has also worked in the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and managed her privately – owned boutique hotel in Naxos. Now, she lives and works in Athens (Greece).

For her, the canvas is a space in which her mind can be totally free, and she proves that. Her paintings are "conquered" by a joyful palette of colours that attract her audience and provoke an arousal of feelings and emotions to each one that “stands in front of them”.

I must highlight that the specific method of painting, the “splash” of colours and emotions into the canvas, is the trademark for Milena’s most recent series of paintings, called “ECHOES”, which is an Art Installation.

I may have not been lucky enough to see a painting of the “ECHOES” series, but I was fortunate enough to see two, very similar to that, paintings that Milena had painted exclusively for this year’s ART ATHINA Fair.

The painting that you see on the right, is one of those two and is entitled as "Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn", and as you can see, it is full in colour.

In a conversation I had with Ms. Dimitrokallis, she admitted that she paints, only if she is happy, only when she feels free, joyful and glad. Fortunately for her audience, that happens very often.

- Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn

- Milena and her paintings

When I asked her if she does paint at times when she feels sad, scared or “down” in her mood, she said:

- No, I do not. I wait for the rough period to pass, no matter how long it takes. Then, I start painting.

And that is why her paintings are full of soft, light and bright colours that can only make her audience experience pleasant feelings.

The painting you see on the right, is the other painting, Milena prepared exclusively for the ART ATHINA Expo of 2002 and is called "Every dawn brings the promise of a new sunset".

Do you see any resemblance with the first one?

- This is Milena and her work of arts...

The artist also admitted that she prefers to wake early in the morning, set up her acrylics, colours, paintbrushes and create her environment, her atmosphere…

Then, she starts painting feelings, emotions and Life.

- Every dawn brings the promise of a new sunset

I say Life, because in her paintings, I believe that the colours that “win” are, Blue with all of its shades and many other bright ones, like pink, yellow and orange. Of course there is the Passionate Red, which can lead to other feelings. But you know… that is Life.

Milena had been the content of many in-style magazines and journals, like LIFO, Athens Voice and KATHIMERINI, which describes her everyday life in full detail.

Her artwork has been exhibited in the Athens War Museum, in OTE Group Communications Museum and in Copelouzos art Museum (Athens). As for abroad, the Carris Museum in Lisbon had also “hosted” her artwork.

Now, you have a whole day left (Monday) to enjoy her and her work in the ART ATHINA Expo, in Zappeion, until 21:00.

Otherwise, you can communicate with her, via her personal website.

I am glad that I had the chance to meet Milena Dimitrokallis and learn all about her work.

P.S: Milena, keep “splashing” our lives with bright colour!!

How to find Milena's Work:



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